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CEO Message – February 2024

Half way through February and things are happening fast. The Orion train is moving ahead at pace and those aboard must hold on to their seats, as the train is [...]
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From Property Owner to Landlord

In the face of South Africa’s slowly expanding economy, envisioning success in the property sector might seem ambitious. Yet, both investors and economic analysts are observing a promising rise in [...]
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November CEO’s Message

NOVEMBER 2023 CEO – REPORT: DRIVING FORWARD WITH STRATEGIC GROWTH AND EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS Welcome to our latest CEO report, where we outline key business strategies and exciting developments at our [...]
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It’s Happening at Promenade Shopping Centre

Promenade Shopping Centre – The Star of Nelspruit’s Retail Scene Nestled in the heart of Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, the Promenade Shopping Centre stands as a testament to innovative development and a beacon [...]
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